Artist Series - Spring 2022

- Free The Homies-
Teddy "Stat" Phillips

"Free The Homies" - 2022
Proceeds to:
Last Prisoner Project

The 2022 Solstice Artist Series is kicking off this April with pre-roll joint packs featuring Washington-local Stat The Artist with his piece "Free The Homies", which highlights the injustice of people in prison for cannabis.

Proceeds and donations for this first pack will go to Last Prisoner Project, a non-profit working to free cannabis prisoners nationwide.

Limited edition signed art prints, and standard edition poster prints are available for sale via our webstore. These will be printed on demand after the pack has circulated.

The Artist: Teddy "Stat" Phillips

Teddy "Stat" Phillips is a Seattle-based artist whose arrestingly colorful portraiture and illustrations have caught eyes in galleries, on posters, and in murals across the city.

His work highlights everyday peoples and struggles, captured in vibrant digital illustrations.

Instagram - @stattheartist

The Cause: Last Prisoner Project

Teddy Phillips has chosen the Last Prisoner Project, a non-profit that provides legal representation to people incarcerated for cannabis crimes, and working to free them from prison.

The Project also advocates and lobbies for more just cannabis laws nationwide, with the goal of ending the awful legacy of legal injustice left by the War on Drugs.